Enter the Matrix…

As Educators we all have something within us that drives us toward improving. Some have had that spark dim, while others have the fire blazing within them. Regardless, as educators we are learners first.
While I always have had that desire in me to learn, over the past five weeks I feel like Neo being exposed to the truth of a greater world around him (reference to The Matrix…). I had always breezed past things on Facebook or kept up with a few ed blogs, but just a short while ago, i ventured into the Twitterverse.
It has opened my eyes to so many great educators sharing and learning!
To all those I have interacted with in the past several weeks, THANK YOU! You have opened my eyes!
Now I feel a bit like Neo in that i have the urge to expose the rest of my fellow educators to the greater world around them! If you are not on twitter already, the rest of this post is for you! (I apologize for my gratuitous use of exclamation marks but I am genuinely excited about sharing this)

Now for those of you who are not yet on Twitter or are new to it, I am going to give a quick run down of some educators I have found very interesting or helpful (everyone is very helpful to positive educators!) but that have posted some great stuff for being a “connected educator.”

These are my must follows so far for interesting, valuable information:

Great Ed Leaders (who also post great blogs!):




@8Amber8 also check out these links she has sent out about people to follow and why you should be on twitter! buff.ly/1dyU0Tu  & http://t.co/5CvgZYCHZo




@PrincipalCast also check this out live TV featuring some of the Principals listed here!


There are too many great teachers to share with for me to list them all!  Just lurk in chats and learn as much as possible.

This link I found.  I cannot find where I first saw it, but it lists SO many great chats, their # and when they occur!  There truly is something for everyone. https://t.co/pN2xtEyqpm


@burgessdave Teach Like a Pirate

@dianeravitch Reign of Error


and of course I love anything associated with @TCRWP and their many staff contributors!


Good Luck to you newbies.  Remember the 3 L’s until you feel comfortable: Look, Lurk, Learn!  So step into a whole new world of coming together with the educational community.  Let’s take off the blinders and start communicating with each other to start making a difference!  Every educator connected can be a positive contributor for improving our children’s lives!


Thanks for reading.  Hope to see you in a chat soon!



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