Celebrate Your Students Wins

As a school administration student I have read, written, and explores the importance of stakeholders, collaboration, evaluating data, and actively engaging with the community. In fact, at this point I could rip off 5 pages about those buzz words and what they mean in practice in about an hour. I have beaten those topics to death through my preparation for school leadership, and with good reason. They are valuable, vital parts of quality leadership. The part that is so easily forgotten by the vast majority of people in schools is the importance of celebration.
Today my class had an Ice Cream party, they set a goal, and they achieved it. We celebrated that in a big way because it was a big win for them. It’s a moment they will always remember about 1st grade, not because of the achievement, but because we celebrated it (and a surprise visit from their former student teacher @lindsaygarb ). It was memorable for them.
No school event I have attended moved me like our end of year slide show last year. Nothing built a greater sense of community with our students and staff than a 20 minute picture presentation of things they had done throughout the year set to some
Popular songs from the year. When all 200+ students in our small school (tiny Pre-K students to Jaded 8th grade middle schoolers) all singing along, laughing and cheering for their friends to be on the screen.
So often we get so caught up in the nuts and bolts, the collaboration, data, policies and more. Never forget that some of the most powerful moments for students are not the ones we think of as great accomplishments, but the ones that are burned into their memory through timely, enjoyable celebrations.

Find something to celebrate in your school or classroom and make a child love achieving again!

Thanks for reading


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