To Blog or Not To Blog

Its been almost 48 hours since I have blogged and I can honestly say I have been dying to empty out my brain. It is so bad that I am starting while I stand in line at the grocery store and working on this post on my phone. Blogging provides me with a way to order my ideas and thoughts. It gives me an outlet so all the thoughts in my head do not get lost or mixed up!

I was not always this way, in fact, I started my blog last summer only to neglect it into a rather quiet death. Now though, my blogs (yes I write 2 of them-shameless plug alert* for new and student teachers) are my outlet. I need them!

When I first started my blog (you can check my earliest posts in the pages of my blog) I had no idea why I should be blogging. Now I have no idea why more people do not. More importantly, I have no idea how I can stop! Not only are they valuable for me, but there are millions of educators out there, your story is important and could always help someone!

I personally believe that every educator should share their story for the benefit of themselves and others! The more we all share, the better we become.

Twitter may be my crazy addiction, but it’s blogging that keeps me sane(or close to sane as an educator can be!


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