Ask & Analyze- Its Easy For Us…

Ever since joining Twitter a few months ago I have been amazed at the incredible innovation that so many schools are engaging in with their students. The future of education is happening now in classrooms around the world, some down the street from you! How does this type of creativity thrive in schools, and how do we initiate it ourselves?

Welcome to the fourth of six ports on our PIRATE leadership journey: Ask and Analyze.

The statement that sticks with me from Teach Like a PIRATE from this section most, are the 6 simple words, “It’s easy for you, your creative”
For our schools to be innovative hubs of student learning, it has to start at the top. Fostering innovative growth does not happen easily. It requires work beyond our usual concepts. It also requires accepting failures, so long as the failure is followed by reflection and planning for improvement.
Many teachers and leaders will say of innovative schools, “I am not into that techie stuff.” (Ok that’s 7 words, so I failed at 6 simple words!)
I am not the most amazing tech mind around. But, I see the tech and I see all the possibilities. I ask, I try, I fail, I analyze, I try again, I fail again, I repeat the cycle until I have found something great.

In my school, I have extremely limited technology. Some would see that as an obstacle. Instead, it should be a challenge. What can I do to create an amazing experience for students. A leader must say the same, but then work to make that experience less threatening and more accessible.

Together with leaders, teachers, staff and students, we can accomplish anything. We have amazing people in our schools (all over.) Fostering the atmosphere of creativity and innovation that will take schools to the next level of student engagement does not require tha I be great at everything, but that we be great at teaching others what we are great at doing, and be willing to learn that which we are not.

A great captain will say, “It may not be easy for you, but it is easy for us.”


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