Its OK to Laugh! (3/365)

We all need to laugh.  As part of the human condition, we often have incredible outbursts of sadness and joy.  The common saying is “It’s ok to cry” but what about laughing?  Are we allowed to laugh in the classroom or in the school?

A classroom without laughter is a classroom without joy.  Any class that does not share and spread joy in learning, will ultimately not create learners.  When we were required to work in factory settings, students needed to memorize, automatize, and be more like machines.  Now we have machines for that, people do not need to be in those positions any more!  Often the most creative, memorable moments we have in our classrooms occur when we are laughing, having genuine fun (not trying to manufacture it) and letting ourselves laugh!

Remember, as a teacher, a leader, and more importantly as a person, It’s OK to Laugh!


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