Find Your People 6:365


I have blogged about this for new teachers, but I think that it is even more important for administrators.  Being a leader is not always  a position full of opportunities to make friends, ask for help, or be part of the group.  Often when you are the leader, the buck stops with you.  Sure you may have other leaders in your district, but how do you find the right people to help you get better.

I love when random things inspire me.  Today, I was chatting at lunchtime with some PLN members on twitter while I caught up on a few projects in my room.  She shared a study about coffee being good for your liver, to which I replied that I must have a superliver (I drink way too much coffee) and that being around me might have the same impact.  She commented that she was always looking for the right people to be around for a good impact!

While she was joking about coffee, I thought it was so much more important than that.  The same is true all around.  Later, while talking with a professor/principal who has gone more than out of his way to help me on my leadership journey, I thought about how important it is to have people who push you in the right direction.

I try to open up my PLN to as many different voices as I can.  I love to get different perspectives, but I realize that I also need to surround myself with good people both online and in person if I am going to succeed as a leader.

Have you found your people?  Are they pushing you toward greatness?  Are you doing the same for them?


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