Just a Teacher 9:365

It has been just over two months since I jumped into the world of Twitter. Strange that it has been such a short time. I feel like I have been here forever!

While reading the blog of a twitter friend @tritonkory I realize that it really hadn’t been very long, because her timeline is not too different from my own. It is crazy to me how different I am now as an educator and a person.

For the longest time I would quietly acknowledge being a teacher. I would hide my views on important topics in education. I would hide my genuine passion for the version I figured was socially acceptable in this era of education bashing.

I am not that person just two months later. While having a conversation at a family event with my sister-in-law’s grandparents (from North Carolina) , I realized that I am confident in what I do. I am also confident in my beliefs about what is best for kids. Agree or not, I am not that person who will be the voiceless face of educators anymore.

My life with Twitter and Blogging has reinvigorated me. It has given me more knowledge and more confidence than ever before. I will not quietly pretend that I am just an educator. I am a superhero, a role model, a facilitator, a moderator, a creator of annoying, well armed small people that will someday rule the world. Even at my tiny school I do more good for the world in an hour than most people will do in a day. I will no longer be Just a Teacher, I am an educator and more excited and proud if that fact than ever before!


2 thoughts on “Just a Teacher 9:365

  1. Great post! We are definitely not “just teachers.” I especially like your “Creator of annoying, well armed small people that will eventually rule the world.” how true!

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