How can teachers best learn from other teachers? #TLC2014

There is no wrong way for teachers to learn from one another. Teachers must however begin the process. We cannot remain isolated from the world on an island. Our schools provide us with so many great resources at a fingertip, but they also segregate us from the world.
Less than a mile from my single school district, is another single school district. We live in our separate worlds. Until one of my students (who I really enjoyed having) moved to the other district, I had never had any contact with anyone in that school. Instead we live our separate lives. Just through having our kids exchange pen pal letters over the past 2 years, I have learned from her. She is a great teacher and I enjoy sharing pen pals with her class. That is a small connection.
When I started connecting with teachers all over the world through blogs, twitter, voxer, and other social media outlets, I realized just how segregated I had been my whole career. It is up to us that know the truth to spread the learning. Make sure we connect everyone, those we like, those we dislike, those who disagree. Everyone’s voice provides us with a chance to learn. What will you add? How will you build upon the learning?

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With a little help from my friends/teaching partners/colleagues Elisha and Rachael…here’s our first “group” blog post, responding to Gary Abud’s 2014 Teacher Leadership Challenge (@MR_ABUD/

For the week of 4/18/2014, the prompt was: “How can teachers best learn from other teachers?”

4/21 -julie
Teachers definitely learn best from other teachers, but the question is how teachers best learn from other teachers. There was a time when I would have said that learning from other teachers could only happen by real-time classroom observation and/or a face-to-face conversation with a mutually agreed upon time, place, focus, and expected outcome. Through reading blogs like this and participating in various Twitter chats, I’ve learned that it’s possible to learn from other teachers any time, anywhere.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. I think the most important way teachers best learn from other teachers is by having an open mind. Being able to accept change…

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