Why the Dark Side? 11:365

imageI recently read a post by a brand new PLN member @jenniferfox13. I love hearing some new voices! She was writing about dreaming and being inspired, thanking those who inspired her!  I myself was then reminded of why I felt that my educational path needed to be that of leadership and supervision.

When I wanted to start teaching, I had a family friend who was a Superintendent.  I had no background in education other than my parents being educators.  He gave me a chance to be the building substitute.  I loved working in schools since that day.  I spent most of my long-term subbing days as an instructional aide in 2 different classrooms, with a stint in basic skills along the way.  My first task was incredibly difficult, but it eventually lead to my first teaching job.  Each time I was given a new position, I was “asked” first.  I say that euphemistically because knowing I wanted to teach, I had little options.  What I didn’t realize is that both of those positions were not just filling a need, they were in classrooms where I learned to be come a teacher.

After a second year as an instructional aide in the same class as I was at the end of my first year, I learned more about teaching than I could have dreamed.  Through the suggestions, encouragement and leadership of several important people, along with the guidance of a few incredible teachers (Sandy Flannely, Patty Parson and especially the two years I spent with DAWN SKOMSKY) I became a teacher.

I owe all that I have accomplished in my career to these people.  To my knowledge none of them are Twitter users, though I think I can share much of this with them via Facebook.  I am inspired to walk the path, to “turn to the dark side” and become an administrator because of all that these people did for me.  Without Sheri Bocsh, Denise LaBov, and Karen Buesing, and Joe Cirrinicione I would not have had the opportunity to become a teacher.  Each of these administrators guided me in their own way, inspired me, opened a door, or pushed me to become better.

Someday soon I will become an administrator.  I will be in the same position that these people were in when I was starting out.  I hope to give that same inspiration, instructional leadership, and guidance that has brought me to this point.  A great leader can do so much good.  I hope that by going to “the dark side” I can do the same


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