Hold That Plane! How Social Media Left Schools Behind 12:365

For most of us, we have realized the power of social media. As a whole however, schools have really missed the boat. Now that we are catching on, we really need to accelerate the process to get out in front and make Social media a school ally rather than a breeding ground for publicity for the crazies!

As I read through articles about the NJSBA about new Policy that pertains to social media, I feel like this:

The Social Media Boat left us a long time ago and our plane to catch up is going to leave us behind. We are taking a reactive approach to Social media. By legislating policies that limit how responsible, engaged professionals interact with students, parents, and their community is a reaction to the “crazies” whose stories we have allowed to dominate the medium.

While everything I have read (I haven’t found the actual policy on their site yet) is not all bad, just not created in the right frame. Sure it makes sense to educate school personnel and students, but not out of fear. Teaching people to be responsible with their digital footprint is a good thing, making it more difficult for educators to connect with Students and the community is not. The impression that each article gives, is one of legislating to the insane few, meanwhile responsible people are limited in the ways and the people with which they connect.

The plane is taking off… We can be the pilots or we can say “Its ok, I’m and educator” before we fall from the jetway!


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