The Island 14:365


Especially in your first year, but even as a veteran teacher, you can easily end up on Educator’s Survivor!

The Island is a lonely place, and many if us have been there. I was there my first year. My first year I was basically alone. A lot of people offered me help, but no one came to my room and gave it to me!

Being a leader means finding people who need help and laying it at their feet. Just asking someone if they need help is like throwing a drowning person a parachute.

We can easily find ourselves in a place where we think we are alone. In times like these we need to find our people. I work in a school with 25 staff members. I thought I was the only one who felt the way I did about so many things. It wasn’t until my second year that I started to find my people.

With Twitter, its easy to find your people, but don’t forget to look for them in your building. Having people to share with at your school is important! Make connections by listening. It will be a rare place where everyone feels the same way about everything.

Seek out people who you can help you, share and build connections with those people however few and far between.

No matter how lonely the island there is always a way off! You are not lost, just still looking for the boat on the other side!


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