Don’t Follow the Script 16:365


“There’s a place where the directions end

And before the kids begin”

If a Teacher had written “Where the Sidewalk Ends” it may have started like that!

There is s disturbing trend happening again in education, scripted lessons. If you use a scripted lesson sequence and follow it blindly, I would love to know why?

If I can script a lesson so that it is perfectly designed for everyone, two things will happen:
1. I will be insanely wealthy
2.It will be the death of the teaching profession

Fortunately for us, scripting lessons that fit the needs of diverse learners is impossible! There is always a catch, a change of plan, a massive problem.

If you are teaching from a book rather than from an in-depth knowledge of matching learning styles and content & delivery you are one step away from being a robot.
Find yourself! Remember that you are a trained professional! Use that training to tailor instruction for your class not for the generic “class”




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