Happy Teacher Education Week Part1 17:365


So for the next 5 days, I am dedicating my blog posts to amazing educators that i want to thank. This blog will focus on The administrators that have inspired me and impacted my teaching career. My other blog http://www.creatingsuperheroes.wordpress.com will be dedicated to great teachers.

Day 1- Thank you to the Principalcast Team!
It’s strange how things in your life get linked up. I had been reading Jessica Johnson’s blog for nearly a year when I started my School Finance class for my MA in School Administration at Rowan University. That is when I met Dr. Spike Cook. He was my professor for a topic I admittedly felt least comfortable with when the course started. What I learned in that course was that I had seen and learned about a fair bit more than I realized. I also found out about this crazy thing called twitter.

I soon found Jessica Johnson on here as well and started chatting in a teacher in service chat she was doing. I was excited to connect with her because I really enjoyed her blog posts.

Then I met Theresa Stager, who has been an inspiration for me for so many reasons. I love how she took a passion she had and used it to create PrincipalCast.

It’s funny how 3 different people who entered my life in different avenues were all connected.

Each one of these great leaders has gone out of their way to help me, to inspire me, and to open up doors for me whether they know it or not!

To start this Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to thank the entire Principalcast crew! I am a better educator and person for having connected with the 3 of you!


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