Teacher Appreciation Week: Leaders Part 3 19:365

There is one leader to whom I owe as much thanks as any other!
Looking for a job can be deflating. It can start to wear on you as you watch others interview and find positions. I was within a summer of taking a job outside of education due to debt and financial stress on my family.
I already believed I was the best candidate for any job. Someone talked to me about the power of positive thinking. I decided that I was going to get a job I had interviewed for on the day it was expected that they were doing call backs. Instead I got a call from Dr. Donna Van Horn to come into Weymouth Township School for an interview!

I was hired before leaving the school. It changed my life.

Over the course of my career at Weymouth, I had some growing pains, I faced the chopping block 3 times in a row with my first two years being in serious doubt.

Dr. Van Horn not only gave me a chance to have a job, but a chance to grow into it and become the educator I am today. While we have not agreed upon everything over five years I worked with her, she always believed in me and gave me the chance to be great! She kept me when others were let go. I am forever grateful for the opportunities she gave me. She gave me the chance when others would not even read my resume ( I think because it was still pretty taboo to have an online masters degree then.)

Thank you Dr. Donna Van Horn! I am who I am because of your leadership!


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