Teacher Appreciation: Leaders Part 4 20:365


There are few men who commanded respect without so much as a hint of asking; few men who could be the disciplinarian and be beloved, few who had the impact on a community like the late Lt. Colonel Gene Soul, aka Soul Man.

When I was in 7th grade Gene wasn’t a teacher, he worked at the school and was an assistant soccer coach. By my junior year, he was no longer my coach, but the assistant principal. He was kind, funny, honest, strong, smart, and driven. His father in-law said it best when he said that you could not pick a more perfect man to marry your daughter. Everyone he met learned from him.

That includes me. Though he never fulfilled his promise to teach 100 ways to kill a man with a blade of grass, (Or did he) he was an amazing role model. The kind everyone of us should be proud to call an educator and those of us who knew him were blessed to have the fortune.

What kind of man was the Soul Man, Marine Lt. Colonel Gene Sole, the best kind. Don’t belive me? Read for yourself!


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