Too Big to Fail 23:365


Here is a term that has been tossed about often these days in the time of corporate bailouts and education “reform”: Too Big to Fail.

While I won’t get into the debate about bailouts, I will say this, their money came with nearly no strings attached. Education money tends to come with a series of bungee cords that tie finances to some initiative that comes from outside education. It is time to speak up for ourselves. The task of educating the youth of America (or honestly the world) is too big, too important to fail!

There is no more important job, no more important goal, than to develop an education system that creates opportunity and access for our children. If we really want to find ways to empower students to be ready to shape and develop some unforseen future, we need to stop tethering them to this initiative or that, and start enabling them to engage in learning that is meaningful. I trust teachers and students to create that environment. I trust leaders and schools to shape the culture that encourages risk taking, values learning, and empowers teacher and students.

I believe in our public education system. Why? Simply put, the job is too big to fail.


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