Reflection 26:365


It is hard to believe I have written 52 blog posts in the past 26 days. My blog tends to be raw. Sometimes my ideas pan out, sometimes I am less happy with my work. But after reading back through so far, I have some important reflections on my blogging journey.

1. The combination of writing most of my blogs on my iPhone and not rereading my blog posts for a while leads to a number of typos. While I don’t like them or normally put up with them, I always wanted my blog to be purely inspired thoughts and topics, especially this one.

2. I have grown a lot as an educator and leader in the short time that I have revived my blog. I write about topics I would never tackle earlier in my educational career, including making mistakes and how O am learning from them!

3. I should do this blog reflection more often. I like seeing some of the blogs I have written in the past. I started blogging to remember my ideas, keep them straight, and see how I have learned and grown.

4. I have been fortunate to have some great inspiration for many of my blog posts.

5. Blogging is a powerful tool. I have had some great posts, some popular ones, and some duds. All of them are a snapshot of my mind and document my ideas and learning.

Are you blogging yet? If not you are missing out!


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