Shape Our Future 25:365


I grew up the son of educators. I have seen and heard about the rise and fall of policy and programs. I have seen and experienced similar things hit the sad pile of educational scraps.

Always, the complaint is that these policies are done to us. That the powers that be (that know not what we do) descend from on high and “reform” our school system.

The time is now to break the cycle. Unlike educators in the last, we have the ability to communicate on a mass scale, to have a unified voice, and really start to impact what is “done to us”. It is up to us to shape our future.

We can no longer dig our heads into the sand and anchor against the tide. Instead of saying “no this is a bad idea” we need to start saying “ok why are we doing it?” “How can it be better for my students?”

It is time to say yes, time start
shaping policy. This is a new age of communication and collaboration. Let’s pick our heads out of the sand, and start building by presenting a united front. No longer should we allow our fates to be decided by the rise and fall of the tides!


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