Inspired at Home 29:365

I find myself frequently relying on my twitter PLN for inspiration.  I find they both challenge and support me.  There are so many incredible people that at times it tends to overshadow the awesome people I work with every day.

Recently I had a simple meeting with our SLP Amy Sack.  She is someone I have written about before in my other blog (×2/).  She is an incredible SLP (don’t even think about trying to take her!) and during this meeting she reminded me why I love working with her!  The meeting was with a parent that tends to ask school questions and is generally vocal in the community.  He asked a question and before I could answer, she did, and her answer was as if she ripped it from my mouth!

Question: Are you fully implementing the common core?  How does the teaching staff feel about it?

Her answer: We’re working on it.  We have a lot of teachers working hard to take the standards and make them useful for our kids.  We have to use them, so we might as well make them work. (I am paraphrasing here)

It was inspiring for me for a whole different reason.  I have heard those words uttered in many places, but in my school, in a place where I have started to feel like I am moving faster than the crowd, she reinforced what I believe.

Later we had a second meeting, we sat down discussing another student.  Again she answered a question I have heard answered many times in other places (this time I was less surprised because its a discussion we have had before. She again voiced my thoughts before I could.

This was a HUGE reminder for me.  I work with some pretty amazing people.  They are some of the most dedicated, hard working professionals I know.  Not everyone agrees, not everyone is a super star, but they are ALL Superheroes that I am lucky to call friends.  I have felt more on my island this year than I have since my first year at school.  Friday reminded me that I am not there alone!


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