AR You In the 21st Century 31:365


Listening to last night’s PrincipalCast with Brad Gustafson, I realized two things:
1. There are places and teachers who are already taking my vision for Augmented Reality and making it happen daily in their school. Students, teachers, and administrators are filling the walls and halls with triggers to a content rich environment. The potential is incredible for enhancing teaching and learning. And, at a school in Minnesota , these things are happening right now.

My school does not have to network capacity as of right now to engage in something like this, but I am hopeful for the students that the change is coming soon.

2. This episode was supposed to be about wrapping up the school year, but when Brad Gustafson was so passionate about his school and the things they were doing, that talks about AR and what they are doing with new hires dominated the show. I am tirelessly aiming to improve enough to earn a supervisor position and eventually be the Principal of a school. I aspire to be a Principal that genuinely loves my school and the things that my staff are doing with kids as much as Brad Gustafson. I someday want to be the Principal that people say, “I wish I worked at his school” the way I have seen people say about his school!

I look forward to learning more from Brad for as long as I can! Thank you for sharing your passion.


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