The Follow Through 30:365


I was looking for some inspiration for this particular post, as the well had seemingly dried up for a few hours when I was prepared to type.  I found it when I attended regular Sunday night chats on Twitter, #aspiringadmin and #principalcast.  I will talk about the amazing ideas from Principalcast tomorrow.  For tonight, it is short and sweet!  Follow Through!  There is no more important quality for a leader, perhaps even a good person, than to follow through.

What does that mean?  For starters, it means you must DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO! Now this can be tricky for an administrator.  Fires pop up and many times your day is beyond your control in some ways.  I cannot always say how (because it is based on situations) but find a way to fulfill your obligations.  I had a talk recently with my Chief School Administrator (CSA) and he had mentioned wanting to get back out on the playgrounds and in the cafeteria during lunch and recess times.  The next day I was looking for him and where was he? On the playground for recess.  That kind of thing builds trust, builds community, and builds respect.

I know we cannot always give everything our full attention all the time, but if was important enough for us to commit to doing it, to say that we were going to do it, then it had better be important enough to make sure we are doing it!


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