UnSilo 32:365


I am writing in part anger, part frustration, and part inspiration. My school has quite possibly a top ten worst network setup in the state. I love my school but we all agree, we are a byte above dial-up.

We lost out in a grant to that would have created the infrastructure we needed and put devices into the hands of our kids. Instead we get to try to dance around the problem a little longer, we have 20th century connectivity. Schools are also like that in many ways.

For those schools who do not have resources or fortune to contract with an edtech giant, there is the stark reality of being isolated.

But why? Why in this day if connected educators, students, and families, do the schools themselves hide their most important collaborative information. Why do we hide what we are doing with Curriculum and Assessments? Are we really connecting and sharing if we do not share what we teach and how we check to see if it has been learned? If you have access to software from one of the major players in education reform, you might, but for the rest of us, it is a dream.

Not anymore! I refuse to accept that fate for schools that lack the resources to play with the “big boys”. Its time to unsilo the information schools horde most dearly. The free tools to create something like this are available. All we need is the time, dedication, and will to improve education for all of our children.


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