The 2nd Step 33:365


While meeting about several things related to my internship hours for my MSA, my CSA Brian London made a comment that stuck with me. During the course if our conversation we talked about making changes. Those changes are important, valuable pieces of the educational puzzle.

He said, “The first step is easy, its the second step where change falls apart.”

For the first step there is excitement, motivation, and that little extra effort. When you building the change is not the hard part. The hard part is taking a change and making it business-as-usual.

The second step, is making sure that the change is ingrained in the practices of a school, is much harder. This step includes continuous professional development, support, and celebration of accomplishments.

In order to make real change we need to take the first step, but we must not forget when planning for step one that it is followed by a second step.

Make your second step even better than your first.


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