A Double Life 35:365


As I try to take up more leadership roles with in my school, I find myself feeling almost like James Bond. Most of the people I work with know I am working toward being an administrator, but not everyone knows all about the different things I am working on.

Part if that is just from the hustle of the day, conflicting schedules, my absence from the lunch room as I work on projects or things for my class during lunch. Part of it is also because I do not talk enough about it, and when I do, it is in pockets rather than to the general group.

That double life is coming to an end. By next week I will have started the ball rolling in the direction of merging those two worlds for what I hope will lead to the improvement of our school.

I will admit that the move is a little intimidating, but it is also very exciting. It is long since time for me to be proud of what I have learned and start sharing what I believe. I already get crazy looks when I talk about twitter or student created projects, why not go all in? Worlds are colliding! What an exciting time!


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