Laying the Foundation 34:365


Once again I can sing the praises of having an amazing PLN. This week I started looking into the potential for my school to transition to BYOD.  After talking with my Chief School Administrator about the idea, I had the green light to begin trying to compile ideas and resources.  One thing that is very clear, is that whenever you try to create a change, a sound foundation is necessary.

I have reached out to those successful with the process and within minutes I had a wide variety of resources at my disposal.  I found myself immediately looking at what other districts had done, with people to answer questions, and lots of information.

While I had hoped to start a pilot next year, I am also aware that may not be possible.  If anything, having so many great people to ask has sped up the process.  I hope to lay the foundation in our building so that we can sustain this change for the .  We will see, but I know without the right effort at the ground level, the house will crumble around me.  I am excited to see where this goes.


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