Be Childish 36:365


I have heard people use the term “being childish” in such a negative tone. I consider the label a badge of honor!

Too often adults are overly serious, beaten down by the world, or too focussed on some end desire. Frequently we get caught up in needing to do this, or having to finish that. We only want to know about our current pursuits, about what is relevant to those end desires. It’s no wonder kids get bored with teachers and school, it is because too often WE ARE BORING! Adults in general have a tendency to lean towards the boring side of things.

Children (especially young children) are anything but boring! They are curious, creative, and engaging. They tell stories that mesh together several different interesting things that they connect in ways adults could scarcely follow. Children imagine, love, and trust in ways we adults have long since forgotten. Most importantly though, children see the world with a sense of wonder that we should all aspire to recapture!

I plan on continuing my pursuit of childishness. You should too! You might find yourself a whole lot more interesting, especially to those you hope you can connect and teach


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