Is Teacher Evaluation Making Your Teachers Better? 38:365

How is Teacher Evaluation used in your school? It is required that we do teacher evaluations, but as with anything educational leaders should be aiming to make all we do better for students and teachers.

So what are you doing to make teacher evaluation a tool for teacher improvement?

From a teacher’s perspective these are some things I either have already or wish I had:

-a firm understanding of the evaluative tool and your expectations in using it
-open dialogue between teachers and administrators about good teaching
-administrators offering to observe simply for feedback and improvement (I may not actually take you up on it, but offering is a huge step toward trust)
-evaluator consistency
-time to observe, reflect, and be observed by other teachers working on a specific skill
-honest feedback: I don’t need nitpicking unless there is nothing else wrong, but also, meaningful suggestions
-And last the ability to disagree with and discuss the evaluation openly (I am not trying to be in denial about things that weren’t good, but when things are happening and there is evidence to support it, listen! While i admit I will always make mistakes while teaching a lesson and that my goal is to improve from them, don’t try to tell me that administrators never miss anything during an observation! Sell crazy somewhere else, I already have my share! Be willing to admit that just like me, are capable of mistakes. It makes you much more credible!

So those are my ideas to start making teacher evaluation a credible resource for improvement! How many do you already do? What can you add?


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