Changing Winds 41:365

Today our district made up one of our MANY snow days with a Family Fun edition of Field Day. Today was a Saturday. The day started out with a bizarre twist of having kids rush in from morning recess to tell us about the “guy sleeping on top of the slide” which turned out to be a teenage couple.

But that was not the most surprising part of the day. It was two things that made me feel great about my small school.

First, it was a Saturday, it is a contract year, and not one person I came across complained about being at “work” on a Saturday! We have had a lot of complainers in our school, but no one said a word about that. They focussed on having a great, fun day.

Second was that we invited all of the families to Field Day for the first time I can remember. Combine this with last night’s parent/child dance, and there is a genuine positive feeling of togetherness between the school and the community.

These two things that may have gone unnoticed to some, were a major positive sign for the direction of our school culture! The winds are changing and positive culture is becoming part of the school landscape.


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