Winding Down & Ramping Up 43:365

As the year sprints toward the close, we start to wind down the school year. Winding down for all of us is an important part of developing closure on our year. We reflect, recharge, and then start to ramp up for the next year.

At the end of the school year one of the most important excercise is our reflection. Despite reflection activities that you ought to engage in throughout the year, the year-end reflection ought to offer some big picture concepts for us to think about. Reflecting at the year-end gives a place for self-improvement, creates a sense of accomplishment, and provides the direction for future learning.

From that reflection and the closure it offers we are able to start recharging. Whether you have four, nine, or no weeks “off” when the last bus leaves on the final day, there is something about having closure on the last day to Start recharging the batteries.

Revamping yourself for the next year is a huge part of staying positive and avoiding burnout. Hive yourself closure on the previous year, determine what new ways you are going to create learning for children, and start getting excited about what you are going to do for the next time bright new faces walk through the door.

Revamp your energy and your practice in those weeks between kids through a larger scale reflection and giving yourself closure on the previous group. Only then can you start to get excited about your next year!


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