Attitude is Everything 48:365

No matter who you are, or what you want to accomplish there is one thing that you must maintain above all else, a positive attitude.  When discussing our goals, our hopes, and our dreams for education and our students, our attitude makes all the difference.

There is no way to create change without attitude.  For administrators, teachers, and even students, the way in which we approach a problem is the most important step toward success.  Without spending time cultivating the culture and attitude of your school, there will never been any positive things that occur.

Creating an attitude of positive, problem solving, thinkers is no easy task.  Part of the job is hiring, part of the job is modeling positive attitude, and finally, part of it is treating each person with the respect they deserve.  It is not a simple task, and it takes many aspects of good leadership to truly create this in an entire school.

Regardless of how its done, one thing is certain, the right attitude solves many problems before they even begin.  Remember to model the attitude you want your teachers, students, or just about anyone around you, to have each day.  Be mindful of the attitude you project in front of others.  You may really feel the attitude you need to project every day, but you need to anyway.  Stand up, and be the positive force the world around you requires so that others may be better.


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