Communicate or Die 52:365


20140611-191632-69392092.jpg What you say matters. How you speak to others matters. The way in which you convey your meaning, emphasize your point, and draw others to your cause is crucial to success.

There is something to be said for a person who can effectively share their ideas. When a leader is able to do this without marginaliazing those who disagree, then change can actually happen. Communication is a benchmark for effective leaders. If you compare the effective leaders in education, those that accomplish the most are the ones that demonstrate the ability to build trusting relationships through oral and written communication. Being a strong communicator fosters trust and support at any level.

If you fail to communicate effectively, you are doomed to failure. It starts with a miscommunication. It builds into a small problem, the discontent grows, and then finally its off with their heads.

Just as quickly as you build the trust through great communication, you can start the downward spiral that will ultimately unravel leadership and success


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