Know Your Role 49:365

Schools all have various pieces that need to function in order for the school to be successful. Each day numerous people play a part in making it possible for kids to learn.

Whether you are the Superintendent, Principal, Teacher, ESP, food service staff, custodians or any if the many other people who may work in a school, every role is important in making sure a school is successful.

We should not be limited or defined by our roles. Instead they should be a lens through which we view a common mission we are here to help kids! Everyone in a building must view their role through that context.

When a school’s culture values an ethos of helping kids, it shows. Custodial staff are friendly and step up to the plate. Teachers accept leadership roles and work collaboratively, administrators are trusted resources for professional improvement.

Knowing your role in school is not as much about being pigeon-holed into a category, but knowing what your real job is about: doing whatever you can to help kids improve.


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