Walking the Talk 47:365

We talk a lot on twitter or with our in-house PLN about what we believe, what should be done, and how we understand the future of education.
I have said a lot of things about leadership and teaching that I try to live up to.

I am honest enough t admit that I rarely achieve my ideal, but that I do strive each day to get closer. Too often I hear people say one thing and then do another. I do not specifically mean in education, but in life in general. I have been guilty if this in the past and I am sure there will be days I will be guilty in the future.

For all of us, frequent reflection is a key to make sure we Walk the walk. We talk often, but what we do to back that up is so important. Educators can talk about the greatest things the world has ever seen, but if we don’t make sure we live it, what’s the point? Make sure to reflect often, does the Walk match the Talk?


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