Teacher Leaders- The Next Generation 54:365

In the new world of education, there will be one group of educators that mean more to the profession than any other.  The teacher leaders.

The grid of responsibility within a school has been flattened. No longer is all sources of information disseminated from above and passed down the chain. Teachers and administrators should be working together to build quality learning environments for kids.

Administrators now have a much more important job. They must foster teacher growth, and develop teacher leaders. By being available to support teachers in improving, risk taking, and developing as educators, the modern administrator is building quality instruction. In doing so, the modern administrator is unleashing an incredible power, that of collaborative leadership.

By cultivating teacher leaders, the administrator is first, able to spend more time supporting teachers in need. Second, teacher leaders provide a diverse set of perspectives on how to solve the many challenges a school faces throughout the year.

Cultivating teacher leaders is crucial to the success of 21st century schools. Without them, administrators are fighting losing battles of capacity that will ultimately decrease the quality of teaching and learning in the school. The more ownership teachers have over their craft, the better it will be for schools and administrators. Teachers are professionals, we need to act that way, and others within our schools must treat us that way.


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