Oh the Humanities 57:365

There are few things that hold more value for a well rounded education than incorporating the Humanities into education. Valuable educational topics for the well-rounded brain are an area we cannot ignore. As we move into the Common Core Era where integrated curriculum for ELA and STEM (I prefer STEAM) the need for these subjects will be marginalized in many ways.

While the new learning that can take place is not lacking in value and importance, we cannot let the subjects like music, art, and philosophy to name a few, become casualties of limited scheduling availability in new curriculums. Not only do the Humanities give balance to our lives, they often enhance our ability to understand and communicate in ELA, and to think critically and solve problems in STEAMM (I choose to add Art and Music to STEM.)

How do we avoid the danger of losing these subjects that represent a large part of what it is to be human? Whether the answer is integration or a dedication to valuing them in the curriculum, the fact remains we must keep them as part of our education in order to build well-rounded learners for the 21st century!


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