Perfect Strangers 56×365

There has been a lot said about the power of a PLN.  I will not specifically discuss that topic, because I have written about it before, and so have so many people.  It is written about so frequently because it is true.  Your PLN is a lifeline to the world, a chance to reach out and have others reach back to enhance what you do.

But, this is something I thought about as well as I had a twitter friend reach out to me to try to help a friend.  She asked me to reach out to people I know in my physical (non-digital) life and ask them to help this person.  I realized something so powerful it pushed beyond what I thought made PLNs so powerful.  I trust her.  I know many things about her life.  I know about her family, her classroom, her aspirations, and I trust that she is in many ways more genuine than many of the people I see around me in my daily life.  I will feel badly if I cannot help in this situation.

There is a magical power in that.  Not because I have made a great connection with a perfect stranger, but because I have made so many of these incredible connections.  There are many people who I trust completely.  There are so many people who I push myself for, that I have connected with digitally.  These perfect strangers have changed my life.  Not because they are just my PLN, they have become my friends.


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