A Space of Our Own 59:365

20140620-192645-70005368.jpg (this is a picture from @PrimaryTeachNC I love her room) I have given a great deal of thought to what a learning space should be. I have watched podcasts, asked my pln, dedicated a twitter chat to the topic, and looked for pictures on Pinterest.

In doing this, I have decided that there is no right way to set up a classroom. Instead, ask yourself: “What is this space going to be used to learn?” A big part will reflect your learners, but an equally big part should reflect your personality. I want to see more movable furniture, more inviting reading spaces, and more choices for ways to learn.

That might not fit with everyone. It might not fit for every grade or classroom. I am still trying to figure out exactly what my ideal classroom looks like, but I have much better picture.

I had my room checked out today to end the year. I think it is the 1st time our Business Administrator REALLY looked at my room (his daughter will be in the class next year) and he was shocked as to what was in the room for furniture! I have his support, but the funding is up to me! As soon as i determine EXACTLY what I want, I will be setting up a Donor’s Choose page (I will add the link here soon.)

I hope to show off a new learning space soon!

Remember, your learning space is not just what everyone else thinks is good, it is what is best for the needs of you and your learners. Follow that maxim and your learning space will always be great!


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