Celebrate, It’s a BIG Deal 58:365

Celebration is a big part of having a strong school culture.  At this point in the year, with school either over or powering toward the close, I am reminded of just how important it is to celebrate our success.  Each year we have a great slide show with pictures of tons of kids in the school set to music.  This year, even with a new CSA, we kept that going.  While the year is not perfect, it is certainly worth celebrating.  When we spend some time celebrating our successes, we build a positive atmosphere, collegiality, and a sense of accomplishment that drives future success.

It was only a slide show.  Just some pictures of our students, teachers, and staff being themselves.  We do not have to do it, but we NEED to do it.  Not only does it offer closure for our school and give the kids a chance to reflect on how they have grown, but it brings us together as a school.  I cannot explain how much it means to our school, but I can feel it during the show.

Without celebrations we find ourselves struggling to find meaning, lacking the conviction that being successful brings us.  We want to do well and recognize that effort.  By offering celebrations throughout the year, and at good reflection points, we are able to build on the effective practices and increase our value to the kids we serve.


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