You Can Lead Them to Water 60:365

We have all heard the cliché’, in fact, I just came across it rehashed on Twitter by @johnwink90. It prompted my immediate response, “but you can’t drown them…then its a cult!” I then read another comment by the incredible @lizdavis2 who suggested making them not only want to drink, but to make more water of their own.

But, right afterward I had a more serious thought about the old metaphor that made me want to share!

Instead of leading your followers to water, why not just give them the map. Help by putting some guide markers along the way. Check in on the group when they are in their most dire straits, and otherwise let them find their way.

This style of leadership will still get your group to water, but will also create a thirst when they have arrived. It reminds me of Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. He is with the group at times, he never lets them fail, but ultimately, they do it on their own!

So, maybe the problem is not making your followers drink, but the fact that you led them to the water in the first place.


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