Creating the Shared Experience 62:365

In my last post I asked a question!  How do we create share experiences in our schools to build the love, passion, an “buy in” (I hate the term but I am blanking on a better one.)  Thanks to Jenn for posting a great response!

Here are a few ideas I think are helpful in creating a shared experience on a school.

– Some kind of theme or goal (can change yearly)

– School Spirit days that celebrate  the school’s achievements

– Staff opportunities to collaborate and also spend time together socially. (When your staff start to care about each other as both fellow educators and as people, it can be infectious.)

– A symbol or a mascot that everyone in the school identifies with and can rally around.

– A strong connection to the community

– An identifiable school brand.

– Active social media/ online school presence.

– Service learning

– Putting your personal stamp on your school in some way. (Each graduate gets a “brick” kind of idea.  In my first school where I worked as an aide, everyone there put their hand on the wall in paint with their name on it.  Every student and staff member that has gone to the school in the last 12 years has a hand on the wall.


This is certainly not an exclusive list, but it is a good start.  Building a shared experience is not about making a place better, it is about building something people love and care about.  It is about developing a culture where people say, “I Love This Place” and where they feel passionately about seeing it succeed.


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