Out of the Loop 63:365

Now that I am working nights, I have been less active on my twitter feed.  I have been very active in connecting with fellow educators to discuss significant numbers of educators from across the globe.  It has been an incredible and rewarding experience from which I have learned so much.  

This new schedule has created for me, a void of my general twitter chat schedule.  I understand that during the summer there will be a less stringent schedule, but so many educators continue to be active and maintain a strong desire to learn.  As I spend time in the evenings trying to catch up and connect, I find that I am feeling very disconnected for the first time I can remember.  Before, when I did not use twitter, I did not feel disconnected because I did not realize the treasure chest of information I had yet to experience.

I am hoping to determine new ways to find connection with my fellow educators.  It is challenging to stay connected, but I will continue to  try!  


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