Being There from Here 65:365

Business have taken advantage of this for year. We in education have started to jump on the bandwagon too. This weekend there is a major conference in education going on in Atlanta, ISTE. ISTE is a techie educator’s dream. It should be a chance for every educator to improve their craft through learning how to incorporate technology into their classrooms and schools.

But, most of us do not get to attend for various reasons. We could miss out on this great opportunity, but the combination of several digital age technologies with social media have made the learning (in many ways) open to everyone. Right now I am following the information coming from Atlanta with my toddler on the couch through video podcasts, twitter, google+ and later this weekend on Voxer.

The learning is available! Can’t travel to an academic conference? Educators need to be digitally and socially active so they can learn from everywhere! Not at ISTE? Follow it anyway with #notatiste14 Teacher Cast, The Two Guys Show, and more! It is there for us to learn! Start taking advantage!


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