Our Own Way 75:365

Dear Everyone in American Education,

There are great educators working all over the world.  In some places, the education system is considered incredible, and in others, the system is considered less so.  So often I hear educators say things like “we need to be like Finland” or any other place.  While there are things we can learn from Finland and many other places and educators, if we try to become like them, we will be behind them eternally.

I believe instead that we need to find our own way.  Even if we could emulate them completely, the system would not work for us nearly as well.  We have a different makeup, different demographics, and trying to copy the system in place in any other country is counterintuitive (Finland has less people than nearly half of the states in our country).  If America wants to be a leader in education, we have to develop our own way.

Some of the things that we can do to recapture education for American schools will include being on the cutting edge of technology, developing students who create rather than recite, and creating learners who continue to learn beyond school.  This will start to change American schools.  These are changes that we can make internally in many respects without the need for “education reform” but instead with quality leadership.


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