Going North to Go South 76:365

I have been involved in an amazing, ongoing (possibly forever) chat with some amazing educators on Voxer.  One of the conversations spilled over into a mention about “What if I do not feel like I am actually making a difference in my place?  What do I do when I feel as though the change and inspiration I feel on twitter is not coinciding with change in my school?”  I then read a great blog post by Ross LeBrun about a saying from Vermont and his youth “You can’t get there from here.” which he recanted as an odd statement.  My take on his writing was that we need to realize that we can get there!  We CAN get there.

This immediately sparked for me a saying from my own home town of Cape May, NJ: “You have to go North to go South”.

In Cape May you have two options, go north, or get wet.  To our south is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Delaware Bay.  You can only get south by going nearly 90 minutes northwest.

What that means to me now, is something I have been sharing repeatedly recently.  A step in the wrong direction is still a step toward your goal.  Sometimes you have to “go around” in order to get where you are going.  Rarely does our journey take us on the most direct route. Often we move around from place to place on our journey toward a goal.  Sometimes we have to take steps that may take us in a seemingly wrong direction to achieve our goals.  Sometimes we may feel like we are not doing anything valuable for our school or our kids, but in reality those are just steps we are taking, even if they are heading “North to go South”.


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