Differentiating through Tech 77×365

I have written about exposing kids to technology, and I have written a little about augmented reality. I have yet to explain how I really believe the use of technology can really revolutionize the classroom.

With technology we can do amazing things, but what will it look like when a classroom is maximizing its use?  Teachers who are using technology to its potential will have classrooms that are constantly evolving.  Here are some things I expect to see and possibly try doing in the near future.

-Multiple Levels: Creating content rich environments where students can access material and instruction that meets their needs at any time.  Instead of a teacher trying to get to each child, the child will be able to access information stored by the teacher, strategies and support from the teacher, and explore questions as they think of them.  Ideally, students will be able to use devices to access this type of information easily.

-Monitoring and Adjusting: This is something I want to try sooner rather than later.  I would love to be able to use something like Google Hangouts to monitor and work with multiple small groups at once.  One of the most difficult aspects of working with multiple small groups is ensuring that the groups are not only accomplishing their goal, but that they can do so without having to come and disrupt the work being done with the group working with a teacher.  Having this technology used effectively in the classroom could make group work so much more effective.

-Student Voice: There is no greater motivator than the opportunity for students to have choices and voices.  When students can have some level of control over their environment and their learning they are infinitely more motivated.  Technology allows many options to be available within one learning environment. Having the knowledge that their voice extends beyond the classroom, that they are being heard, that is a remarkable motivator.  Technology makes that easily accessible for all students.

There are many more aspects of using technology effectively, but education can change for the better by accepting that incredible things are possible if only we open our minds to the many tools available for use in our classrooms today!


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