Be a Learner 79:365

I am approaching an administrative interview, and while I am hoping to write all about my excitement and the new learning I have from my new position very soon (hopefully), I have been thinking a lot about what makes me the best candidate for the job I am trying to get.

Given all of the great qualities someone can have, there is no greater value than being a learner. I cannot imagine someone coming into an interview for an education position and not having a love for kids, a passion for education, or knowing about their profession. What separates some from others is the ability to remain a learner. We frequently say “I love learning” but what does that mean?

I will read about, learn about, and try nearly any new thing if it fits into one of those qualities educators typically have attributed to themselves. Learning is not just something I do for work, or even always for a specific goal. Sometimes I like learning about things simply because the information is available.

Why does that make me a great candidate? Simple. No matter how much anyone you hire already knows, the world, specifically in education, is frequently changing. There are always things to learn. Not only that, but as a leader, my job is to help teachers to make things better for kids. If they want o know about something, I should know about it too. If they want to try something new, I should be learning about it in at least some way. A big part of being a school leader is being a perpetual learner that is willing to attempt new learnings frequently and without reservation.


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