Dealing with Rejection 80:365

I recently read a great blog post by Dr. Spike Cook (@drspikecook) about how we deal with rejection .  He mentioned how frequently he had dealt with rejection and it got me thinking about myself.

I have not counted how many administrative jobs I have applied for, interviewed for, and to my disappointment, not been the correct fit.  I was wait listed at several schools when applying for college and denied at EVERY philosophy graduate school I applied to when I was preparing to leave college.

Rejection is frustrating, but it is also an opportunity to learn and get better.  When I was wait listed for colleges, I realized I needed to work harder to get things I wanted.  When I was rejected from graduate schools, I wrote and defended my honors thesis.  Afterwards I had every professor in the department asking me to reapply, but I had moved on from that dream.  Every time I apply and do not fit with a new job, I think about ways to improve myself, not just as an applicant, or as an interview, but as an educator.

Being rejected is very challenging, frustrating, and at times can be somewhat demoralizing.  The challenge is to pick yourself up and find ways to improve.  I was raised to believe that if you want something, you can only get it by working for it.  Rejection is not a reason to give up on yourself, but to be inspired to grow.


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