Jargon in Education 81:365

I love taking part in escheats on twitter.  What I find however, is that we often fall prey to the jargon machine.  Sometimes we just repeat things we hear about education because its catchy or it sounds like a great idea/quote. Instead we should be thinking about that jargon.  Sometimes the jargon comes from great concepts and just gets regurgitated out so frequently that it becomes lost in the translation.

Other times the jargon comes from great quotes.  Only, if we really think about the great quotes, sometimes they are not great.  Instead they really just sound good and are catchy.  If you break down what they are actually saying, we find that there many things that simply fail to really build upon anything valuable for kids.

When you hear education jargon, take it upon yourself to challenge those statements.  Sometimes you may find the value behind them, other times you may save countless others from pointless, misleading drivel.


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