Quiet Riot 82:365

How do you prepare for an interview? It is not only a poignant topic for me right now but also the topic that my friend @MrLebrun chose for #slowchated this week. Today I had an interview for an administrative position and I have been excited about it since I got the call.

How do you get ready for this big deal? In many ways I am not the person who takes this all in stride, especially when I am genuinely excited about the job. I spend hours reading everything I can devour about the school and what they do. Yes, it is important to be prepared to talk about the school, but one thing I learned from this most recent process is that I need to be less worried.

Some great advice I have gotten from my PLN, especially some of the people who have become friends, was that I need to worry less and focus more on being myself.

In the past I have been stressed on the inside, but projecting a quiet calm demeanor on the outside. Internally I would be ready to burst, like a riot in my head. Outwardly I would only hope that no one could recognize my nerves.

Today was different. Today started that way. The first question that I answered I was incredibly nervous. By the time I stopped talking for question one, I forgot all about my nerves and started being me. I believe that having the opportunity to discuss and debate with people on social media helped me to be more comfortable being myself.

Tomorrow I am fortunate enough to have a second shot to come in and be myself again with a chance to start working at this amazing looking/sounding school. I have a slightly different feeling tonight. Instead of the riot within, there is now more comfort and confidence. While I know I have another big day tomorrow, and I will be reading more, I am more comfortable being myself in the interview.

I have written nearly 120 times in the last two years. I cannot wait to share with you the next step in my leadership journey, and I am hopeful that it starts tomorrow.


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