Stuck in Two Worlds 83:365

Last night I had a chance to reflect on my first interview. (See Quiet Riot 83:365) Today I was fortunate enough to have another. This one felt totally different.  From the moment I sat down, the people in the room made me feel very welcome.

Sitting in this conference room to talk about kids and education felt about as normal as an interview could. In every other interview I have had, I left thinking, I hope I get this job. Today reflecting on all the people I have met and the discussions we had, I honestly feel like I cannot wait to start working at this district.


Now comes the hardest part.  Waiting with a foot in both worlds. On one hand my excitement is making it impossible for me to avoid thinking about a future with this new school. On the other hand there are plenty of things I am in the middle of doing for my current school. I am stuck between excitement and imagining a new chapter in my life while still writing pages in the previous one.

This short time will pass quickly. I hope I can share all about how this plays out soon. Either way I am grateful for the experience and I am better for having had it.


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